*BUNDLE SET* Convectair Capella 16 Ductless Single Zone Heat Pump, Heating/Cooling - Up to 24000 BTU

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With great heating and air conditioning performance up to -20 °C, the Capella 16 is built for the Canadian climate. It provides comfort during summer's hot months and when the mercury drops in the winter.

You can therefore enjoy comfort and well-being throughout the year as well as a quick return on investment.

  • 8016-C09-I
  • 8016-C09-O
  • 8016-C12-I
  • 8016-C12-O
  • 8016-C18-I
  • 8016-C18-O
  • 8016-C24-I
  • 8016-C24-O

Manufactured by Convectair

Warranty 10 years on parts + compressor, not maintenance

Not Eligible for Gov. Grants.

How to calculate your need in BTU: 20 BTU per square feet Ex: 600 ft2 x 20 = 12,000 BTU

We have installers to refer for your installation.